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Anal Sphincter Incompetence-- Anal Rejuvination

Treatments for Anal Sphincter Incompetence--Anal Rejuvenation offered at PREVITY
The SECCA procedure and THD can be used for anal rejuvenation for anal sphincters that need to be tightened for personal or medical reasons.

Anal Fissures


The anus is very sensitive.  In fact, is has a similar number of nerve endings as the eyeball.  Over time, usually from chronic constipation, fissures or cuts occur in the anus and can be life-limiting.

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Treatments for Anal Fissures offered at PREVITY

Dr. Peel offers Botox Injection, Lateral Sphincterotomy and Fissurectomy for treatment of this very painful anal disease.

Anal Fistula

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Treatments for Anal Fistulas offered at PREVITY

Fistula Surgery

Fistula surgery usually involves opening up the fistula tunnel. Often this will require cutting a small portion of the anal sphincter, the muscle that helps to control bowel movements. Joining the external and internal openings of the tunnel and converting it to a groove will then allow it to heal from the inside out. Most of the time, fistula surgery can be performed on an outpatient basis. Treatment of a deep or extensive fistula may require a short hospital stay and placement of a cutting seton drain.

Dr. Peel is Chief of the Division of Cancer Surgery at Memorial Hermann Baptist Hospital and was trained by world-renowned colon and rectal cancer surgery specialists at Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN.

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