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Patient First Compassionate medicine
that always puts the
patient’s needs first.
Innovation Providing patients with
the latest in laparoscopic
surgical techniques.
Wellness Wellness measures both
before and after surgery.

PREVITY — Clinic for Surgical Care


We fix the problems. You gain the years.
Bariatric weight loss surgery is about more than just weight loss. It is the most successful treatment for obesity and its related diseases. At the Previty Fresh Start program our team includes the only fellowship-trained weight loss surgeon in Southeast Texas. Together, we give you the tools for your fresh start, before and long after your surgery.

Garrett K. Peel, MD, MHS

Chief, Division of Oncological Surgery
Baptist Beaumont Hospital

Medical Director
Charline & Sidney “Chief” Dauphin Cancer Screening & Prevention Center at the Julie and Ben Rogers Memorial Hermann Baptist Hospital Cancer Center

CEO and President
PREVITY— Clinic for Surgical Care 

Mayo Clinic

  • Surgical Weight Management
    A team approach to surgical weight loss


  • Breast Cancer
    Rapid access, education, diagnosis, treatment and support


  • Colo-Rectal and Anal
    Colon and rectal cancers, hemorrhoids, bowel control disorder and anal diseases


  • Minimally Invasive Surgery
    Laparoscopic Surgery for gastrointestinal diseases and complex hernias


  • GERD & Heartburn
    Comprehensive surgical care using minimally invasive approaches


  • Vein
    Innovative therapies for restless leg syndrome, spider veins, facial veins, and leg wounds